Private Hire Coach Hire Terms & Conditions - Payment prior to date of travel

Coach Travel Services Limited is committed to a policy of fair trading and will take every care to give you value for money and ensure that everything is done to the satisfaction of coach hirers and their passengers, but in your own interests you are advised to read these conditions which set out the principal rights and liabilities we owe to each other. Failure to comply with the payment terms may result in your booking not being completed. In such cases the full amount as invoiced is payable. We actively pursue all outstanding debts.

Private Hire Terms and Conditions

For a copy of our standard terms which apply to all Private Hire work including regular Contract Hire please click on the pdf below. These terms apply to all private hires and are particularly applicable to customers who do not hold a credit account or preferred client status. Click on this link.  cts-private-hire-terms-and-conditions

Preferred Client / Credit Account Holders Terms and Conditions

A copy of the Terms and Conditions for account holders can be viewd from the pdf below. These are beneficial and offered to replace our standard terms except all references to client conduct and sporting events detailed in our standard terms are also applicable. Account holders should pay particular attention to the cancellation policy where the rates are different to those of our standard private hire terms. Click on this link.  cts-account-holder-terms

Subcontractor  / Supply Partner Terms and Conditions

We work closely with other coach operators to provide a range of vehicles and services to meet our customers exacting demands. As part of this process we have a clearly defined agreement to pay the Supply Partners promptly.  We inspect their premises and carry out checks on the drivers and vehicles that are used whilst engaged in work on our behalf.

All approved drivers are issued with a cTs ID card which contains details of their driver qualifications and expiry dates where relevant. Drivers should have these visible when working on behalf of Coach Travel Services and be prepared to allow customers to see the details to confirm the drivers eligibility to drive.

Supply Partners should familiarise themselves with the terms of engagement. We aim to pay all our Supply Partners within the terms of our agreement and in return are expected pay particular attention to the Supply Partner Terms and conditions. Click on this link – cts-supply-partner-terms-and-conditions and this for Code of Practice