CTS Bus Ltd School Services - Bookings for 2020/2021 Academic Year Now Open

See your parents Information booklet for details the Covid 19 restrictions and measures impliments to keep passengers as safe as possible.

To Book a Seat for 2020/2021 year click HERE


To log into your online account & Make a Payment click https://bookings.ctsbus.co.uk/Secure/User/Login


Passengers WILL NOT be allowed on the bus unless they are wearing a face covering and have the new Travel Pass/Lanyard clearly visible. Full details are in the information booklet sent to all passengers with their travel pass.

Follow the Covid 19 Guidance, Keep your distance, stay alert and keep safe.


We made it with your support. All passengers who required the services for Key Workers and Vulnerable young people have had an ongoing service available every day since March. We did not have to cancel the services and we are delighted to say all passengers were helpful working with us to deliver a safe journey to school. We remained ready and able to run routes based on demand. Any services that did not run were either cancelled by the School or Group that made their own independent decision to do so. A revised information leaflet will be sent out with your new Travel Pass near the end of August. This has been delayed so we can include the most up to date information regarding start up after the holidays.

Parents Notice 16-06-20

Parents Notice 29-05-20

Parents Notice 01-05-20

Next Year – 2020/2021 Academic Year

Have you sent a photo for your Travel Pass ? If not please do so ASAP and no later than 30th July please.

Please contact our office if you have not received your Travel Pass by 30th August 2020.

The bus routes to Wakefield Grammar Schools have changed as we have combined routes into 2 vehicles for next year. Seats are almost full and we have limited Space available. This has been necessary due to lower numbers than last year and school has withdrawn support since the 20th March 2020. We are greatful to school for supporting the third bus over the last couple of years.

Crossley Heath Routes are almost full and we have just a couple of seats available on some routes and only 1 seat available on 2 of the routes. We are trying to arrange larger vehicles so we can release further seats. If the shopping basket is missing from the booking system then the route is full. We can add you to a waiting list if you like.

Huddersfield Grammar School buses still have availability. We have increased the size of vehicles on both these routes so parents can still book on without having to go on a waiting list.


Covid 19 – Emergency School Bus Provision

We are operating different routes and timetables during the crisis caused by Covid 19. It is essential parents call the mobile number on the back of the Travel Pass to be added to the passenger list. Do not assume you can use the bus until you have had confirmation. Please read the parents notices above to ensure you are up to date with arrangements. Revised timetables are below :-

Wakefield schools – C19 Emergency Plan 01-06-20 Q

Crossley Heath School – C19 Emergency Plan 15-06-20 CH

Parents must register children with both School and with CTS to access the service. It is available to all passengers who are already subscribed to the school bus service.

All CTS passengers who must go to school during this difficult time can still do so. 

All those who have booked on for any time after Monday 23rd March have been sent the Emergency Route Timetable. Stops and times are different to the usual ones.

Trying to keep everyone safe

The parents who pay the annual contract by monthly payments should continue to make their regular payments. It is essential that everyone continues to pay to keep their annual contract valid. Applications for next year will be rejected for anyone who defaults on the current year. Where parents are finding it difficult to pay they should contact our office to make special arrangements. The Government intervention with 80% wages being promised is to ensure we can all pay our bills whilst continuing to employ staff, even though we have no work.


CTS Bus Ltd. Manage and run School Bus Clubs and take children to Crossley Heath School, Halifax. Wakefield Grammar School Foundation Schools in Wakefield, Huddersfield Grammar School. These are all private bus clubs available only to passengers attending the schools listed. They are not available to the general public. Passengers have to pre-register to join the Bus Club and membership is for a full academic year. Individual bus fares are not charged and it is not possible to pay the driver for single journeys either prior to, or on the day. We do not discriminate against anyone with accessibility or other special needs and membership is open to everyone who meet our membership eligibility. However there is often high demand and when a club / route is full then applicants will be added to a waiting list. Taking children to school safely is our priority and the journeys are not not available to any adults or anyone not on the students roll at the college or school. We engage various coach companies to provide vehicles and these have to meet our exacting standards. We do not use regular service buses as we insist on all members having a seat and a seat belt to travel as safely as possible. Where required we offer wheelchair accessible vehicles and it is important that if any accessibility issues are present, CTS office must be informed immediately. This ensures we send the correct and best vehicle for the journey. When you apply for a seat on our school bus you are committing to a full academic year contract. There will be no discounts or refunds of any kind regardless of how often the bus operates. Where a school has temporary closures or restricts access to pupils this does not affect your contractual obligation to pay the annual fee in full. All parents and passengers are aware of the possibility of school closures and when you book on the bus you accept that epidemics or other external factors may result in you not been able to use the bus. However the annual contract still has to be paid in full. The bus costs are based on everyone paying in full and as such anyone not meeting their agreed payment plan will be liable to recovery action. This is to ensure costs are kept to a minimum for all passengers using the home to school service.

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